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Picnic at the Park: 2023 Online Registration

Orange County Community Christian Church

4421 Cerritos Ave., Cypress, CA 90630,

Sr. Pastor Dr. Carl Che, 714-826-5667

Minister Yeh, 714-553-9602

Date 日期: June 24, 10AM – 1PM

El Dorado East Regional Park 7550 E. Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90815

To register your child (K-6) for our Kids Program & Activities, please complete BOTH Part 1 and Part 2.


*For Part 1, please fill out the form below.

对于第 1 部分,请填写下表。

* * *If you would like to volunteer for the Picnic at the Park event, please include your email on this field.

* * *如果您想自愿参加我们在公园里的野餐,请在此字段中包含您的电子邮件。
Park Entrance Fee Reimbursement? (Receipt Needed)

Items to bring 攜帶物品: Bible 聖經

Thank you for submitting Part 1. Please proceed to Part 2.

谢谢! 请继续第 2 部分。




*For Part 2, please read and fill out the release form located below.

对于第二部分,请阅读并填写下面的 RELEASE 表格。


hereby grant permission for the following:

to participate in activities with Orange County Community Christian Church (OC4) and hereby release OC4, its staff, employees, and helpers from any and all liabilities connected with said activities, including his/her/their transportation during participation in activities with OC4.

我,(姓名) 特允准參加橙縣基督教會的各種活動,並謹此豁免橙縣基督教會的職員,服務人員承擔上述人員在參加教會活動中,包括交通中所產生 的所有的相關索賠及責任。

Please remember that your name will serve as a legally binding signature.

Signature of: (授權人簽名)
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