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For the period of January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

I, _______________________________,  Name (first, middle initial, last)





hereby grant permission for the following Minor(s) named:























to participate in activities with Orange County Community Christian Church (OC4) and hereby release OC4, its staff, employees, and helpers from any and all liabilities connected with said activities.

Virtual VBS is being offered by OCCCC remotely using online video and computer sharing platforms to minimize disease spread and create social distancing.
Please read our remote teaching policies below.
1) Parents/Students are responsible for obtaining a computer with a supported configuration for the lessons.
2) Parents are responsible for installing any required software for the online session (WebEx). 
3) Parents are responsible for connecting to the predetermined session on time.  Please be sure to install software and prepare for your session at least 10 minutes prior to your first session.
4) VBS Staff may teach from a location other than the OCCCC church site.  Not all sessions are guaranteed to have constant managerial supervision.
5) Parents are responsible for finding an appropriate learning environment for students.
6) Parents are responsible for supplying a phone number and email address where they can be reached to be used in case of technical difficulties.
7) Our VBS Staff may be able to view your students on camera, along with any objects in the background that may be in your home.






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